Projects we support

Projects we support


The question “What can I do?” is often best answered with an urge to donate, to give a bit of oneself, be it money or goods. Besides big organisations with complex, efficient structures like the UN refugee agency ( or doctors without borders (, there are many small and spontaneous projects that have arisen in recent months in order provide immediate relief during the crisis. We want to connect you with people in need as directly as possible while making sure that your support reaches them in a safe and efficient way.

All of the projects presented here support civilians only, be it in hospitals or in refugee camps, or by generally providing help to those who are struggling to survive an everyday life in war.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or a project to propose to us. We will be also pleased to publish your experience with any of the projects!

We are very happy to have on our side! Make donations in a safe way:

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